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"Snif Shirt Pin"
"Sika Snifit"
in a unique design
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Prices and partners

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Partner program

Friend brings a friend!

Recommendation to the " Snif " that ordered

Get a gift from us:


(I recommend only one per "Snif", of course)

"Shevet" Shirt pin

Nationwide tribal pin

Designed for the traffic shirt 


3.5 USD per unit

Minimum order: 30 units

סיכה סניפית.jpg
השחר נהריה מרכז.png

"Snif" Shirt Pin

A unique pin for a movement shirt with  a symbol of your branch in the design



30 Shirt pins - 7 USD per unit

50 Shirt pins - 5 USD per unit

For additional quantities - contact us 

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